Fingersmith by Sarah Waters.

Happy Pride Month you guys!!!!!! In celebration I’m going to be reviewing one of my favourite lgbtq+ books today. Fingersmith is literally one of the best books I’ve read ever and I’m so excited to share my thoughts with you!

Sue Trinder is an orphan, left as an infant in the care of Mrs. Sucksby, a “baby farmer,” who raised her with unusual tenderness, as if Sue were her own. Mrs. Sucksby’s household, with its fussy babies calmed with doses of gin, also hosts a transient family of petty thieves—fingersmiths—for whom this house in the heart of a mean London slum is home.

One day, the most beloved thief of all arrives—Gentleman, an elegant con man, who carries with him an enticing proposition for Sue: If she wins a position as the maid to Maud Lilly, a naïve gentlewoman, and aids Gentleman in her seduction, then they will all share in Maud’s vast inheritance. Once the inheritance is secured, Maud will be disposed of—passed off as mad, and made to live out the rest of her days in a lunatic asylum.

With dreams of paying back the kindness of her adopted family, Sue agrees to the plan. Once in, however, Sue begins to pity her helpless mark and care for Maud Lilly in unexpected ways…But no one and nothing is as it seems in this Dickensian novel of thrills and reversals.

My thoughts:

Okay wow what the hell.

The book starts off rather simple; basic plot and basic characters. You think you know what path it’s taking. You most definitely do not. Let me explain.

1. The characters are strong and very, very well written.

Sue Trinders is a petty thief and so is the rest of her family. For reasons unknown to most, Mrs.Sucksby who runs the illegal orphanage in London has raised Sue like her own daughter. Protected and sheltered from the harsh life of a pick pocket, she hasn’t had much freedom to grow. 

Her character was a very simple one and because the plot was so complicated they complimented each other in the best of ways. There is a lot of character development for Sue’s character and it was very well done. 

Maud Lilly is a high bred lady, raised by her snarky uncle in a large, lonely mansion. She is a woman of the highest class yet she cannot dance like a lady must and her clothes are of years before.  

Maud’s character is one I was most curious about, I think. She was a peculiar lady and the circumstances her life was based on were very amusing.  

I don’t think there was a lot of character development for her as such but I didn’t mind that since she was already a rather developed character from the start.

2. The plot— is one of the best I’ve read in years. The writing is beautiful and the author knows how to use her words well. She just amplifies the cleverness of her story with the way she weaves her words. 10/10 definitely would recommend this book if only for the plot. 

3. Unexpected twists.  

You must be prepared, while reading this book, to face anything because this is a rollercoaster ride and I’m afraid there are no seat belts. You may think it’s pretty straightforward towards the beginning but it’s not. 

4. It’s refreshing to read books like these after the continuous droning of unrequited love and betrayal you see in other, said similar books.

So read it. If you like books set in the 1800’s you should read it. If you like books with intricate planning then read it. If you like books at all, read it. I’m sure this is something you haven’t read before.  

Happy reading.  




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