The Slang Book Tag/ Bookish Discovery Of The Week. 

Happy Thursday my people.I’m going to do a little book tag that my best friend over at Keep A Readin’ created.

1) Bye Felicia! 

A book that you didn’t care about/ do not like/ an over-hyped book

Cinder. I don’t know why I dislike the book since the writing is fine and so is the basic plot. Maybe don’t mix fantasy and sci fi in the same book please?

2.) Ship

A book couple that you ship

ATTOLIA AND EUGENIDES. OTP #1 forever and always.

3.) Bae

A book character of your preferred gender that you would absolutely love to marry.

Eugenides from The Thief.

4.) Ain’t nobody got time for that!

A book series so bad/boring, that you did not finish it.

Defiance by CJ Redwine. Terrible book. And Marked by P.C Cast. Total waste of paper.

5.) Smol bean

The cutest character in a book/series

Bob the Titan from Percy Jackson. Don’t argue with me you know it’s true.

6.) On fleek

A protagonist who’s personality was perfect/on fleek

Nona Grey from Red Sister. A good night’s sleep with murders on her conscious, mad blade wielding skills and overall fabulous.

7.) Netflix and Chill

A ship with so much sexual tension that you just wanted them to KISS ALREADY (and do the sexy)

Emi and Shiro from Red Winter. Unexpected choice, yes but it was a surprisingly good book.

8.) Shade

A character who’s witty dialogue you loved

GEN! GEN! GEN! And Percy Jackson and Magnus Chase. You would think there’d be more assholes to relate to but you’re wrong.

9.) Damn son

The greatest plot-twist you’ve ever read in a book/series

Red Queen did have a surprising plot twist but I hate the next two books so I don’t want to consider it a choice. FINGERSMITH. What a fantastic book. Read it!

10.) Blood-Type

A book you’ve read and re-read so many times it’s basically your blood-type/ your favourite book/series when you were young that you still love

Percy Jackson. Malory Towers. And the Faraway Tree. 

That’s it for this tag! 

I tag anyone who wants to do it. 

Happy reading. 

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  1. Percy and Magnus’s shade slays me and yes Bob The Titan was cute 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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