My Top Five Fantasy Series

Hello all. Sorry for being MIA I’ve just been so busy and in a terrible writing slump. Nothing’s going quite right and it’s stressing me out. I want to set a posting schedule but with my exams so near I don’t think it’ll be possible, I’ll try my hardest though. Here’s  something I found in the back of my old archives so happy reading! 

1. Red Sister

Red Sister focuses on a young girl of eight finding her way around a frozen world filled with nuns, potential killers and new friendships.

This is my favourite book of all time. It’s an aspiring trilogy and I hope the rest are as beautiful as this one.

It’s like a slow paced, Malory Towers kind of books with nuns, death and gore! 


2. Name of the Wind 

The young, red haired inn keeper behind the bar looks to be older than his twenty somethings age. When a scribe comes into town looking for Kvothe, one of the most popular heroes of their time will he relinquish his wiping rag for a story worth a million lives?

I also love this book. I haven’t read the second one yet but I’ve heard it’s even better than the first. If you’re into fast paced stories with magic and drama and a cool as fuck protagonist then this is it for you.


3. The Queen’s Thief

Caught and imprisoned for stealing and bragging, Gen is recruited by the King of Sounis’ magus for a mission that seems both impossibly tempting and terribly daunting at the same time.

There are five books. I’ve read four and I’ve loved every single one. The first one may be a little boring but you should definitely read it, bevause the second one is beautiful. 

If you’re into travel, sarcastic characters and story telling you should read this.


4. An Ember In The Ashes

Laia is a slave who’s brother has been arrested on charges of treason. Elias is a solider chosen to take part in the Trials. Both live seemingly unrelated lives until Laia is sold to work under Elias’ mother. To save her brother Laia will go through inexplicable lengths and to leave the pressing walls of the Academy, so will Elias.

This series only has two books but they are fantastic.
A third one is coming soon but  it’s cover is way different than the other two so now it’ll look weird on my shelf! As for the book, the writing is pretty easy to get into, the protagonist isn’t whiny or annoying and the feelings part is well justified. 

There’s trials, hardships to over come and a very very good romance.


5. The Queen Of The Tearling

Only sixteen Kelsea isn’t ready for the throne. But arriving at the capital and taking in the terrible situation of its people, maybe she’ll have to ascend and be the queen her name suggests after all.

I love these books. They were some of my earliest reads and I absolutely adore them. The first book is slow and treacherous to get though but there’s massive character development and lots of schemes.

Three books, lots of plot twits, politics and a tad bit of dark magic.


Thank you for reading!


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