Hello everyone!

I’m Aadrika. Book blogger, review connoisseur and owner of a book themed Instagram. Welcome to my blog.

I live in India so if you’re an Indian author/publisher or just a reader from India then a special hello to you because you’re all my fam. If you’re from any other part of the world then a hello to you too because all book people are also my fam.

I read almost all genres and I’m very, very patient with books. I do not enjoy non fiction at all but to read my other preferences you can go to my Review Policy page.

I don’t really like TV shows and movies as much as I do books but I watch them nevertheless. I try and stay away from most book to movie/tv show adaptations because only rarely do some of them get it right.

There’s no schedule to my posting, yet because I’m terrible at committing and professionalize in procrastination so bear with my haphazard writing whims.

That’s about it I guess. Look around and leave a like? Make my day and I hope I make yours.